UBC Global Masters Timetable

UBC Global Masters Starts 24 January 2024

UBC Global Masters 2024 Edition


The next edition of the UBC Global Masters Postgraduate Challenge starts on 24 January 2024 and has a 2-round format.

Round 1 is run online via the UBC portal on the Learning Dynamics / The Simulation Space platform. Teams upload their decisions and results are released as per the published timetable.

The top teams from Round 1 go though to the Grand Final designed as a live in person event at a UK venue.

Key dates

  • Entries open: April 2023
  • Entries close: 24 January 2024

All entries will be confirmed by email progressively up to the closing date.

[Please note: The UBC Undergraduate Challenge has a different timetable from the Postgraduate Competition. Please see UBC Undergraduate info for the timetable].

Round 1 – Online

Start date: 24 January 2024

Logins & Resources:

Educators, Team Leaders and Members and nominated team Mentors, will have access to the UBC simulation platform used in Round 1 via logins which will be sent to participants. All resources are made available online and can be downloaded from the simulation platform. The Team Brief and Guide contains all the information necessary to take part in the UBC Global Masters. 

Upload your Team Leaders:

When Educators know their Team Leaders, they should upload the name/s and email address/es by logging into the UBC platform. The UBC simulation platform will automatically email Team Leaders their logins once their details have been submitted.

If you want your teams to participate in the optional Trial Trading Period (TTP), you should upload your Team Leader details prior to the TTP commencement date (please see detailed timetable below).

When Team Leaders have their logins, they input their Team Member details. The simulation platform emails Team Members their logins, so all team members have access to the simulation platform.


Round 1 – Structure

Round 1 starts with an optional Trial Trading Period (TTP). The TTP is a practice round for teams to get used to the briefing resources and decisions. The Trial Trading Period (TTP) results do not count towards the final result. Results only count towards the final result from Trading Period 1 onwards.

While we encourage teams to complete the TTP, it is not essential in order to compete in Round 1 of the UBC, so teams who enter late can start with Trading Period 1.

For each trading period, decisions can be uploaded between the open date/time and the close date/time. Results will be published before the next trading period opens.


Deadlines for Team Leader details

  • To participate in TTP: 25 January 2024
  • To participate in Round 1: 7 February 2024

Round 1 – Timetable 2024 (virtual online)

Trial Trading Period (TTP)

  • Open: Wednesday 24th January 9am
  • Close: Tuesday 6th February 10am

Trading Period One (TP1)

  • Open: Wednesday 7th February 9am 
  • Close: Tuesday 13th February 10am 

 Trading Period Two (TP2)

  • Open: Wednesday 14th February 9am 
  • Close: Tuesday 20th February 10am 

Trading Period Three (TP3)

  • Open: Wednesday 21st February 9am 
  • Close: Tuesday 27th February 10am 

Trading Period Four (TP4)

  • Open: Wednesday 28th February 9am 
  • Close: Tuesday 5th March 10am 

Trading Period Five (TP5)

  • Open: Wednesday 6th March 9am 
  • Close Tuesday 12th March 10am 

Grand-Finalists Announcement

By Friday 15th March 2024

Grand Final (in person)

TBC 2024 (Late April or after)

The top teams from Round 1 compete to be winners of UBC Global Masters and put their university’s name on the trophy. The Grand Final date and venue will be confirmed during Round 1.

The Grand Final will be hosted and facilitated as a rich immersive experience by the UBC team with support from a range of entrepreneur, graduate employers and motivational speakers.