Entry Terms and Conditions

UBC Worldwide formats

UBC Worldwide and Learning Dynamics reserve the right to change the format of the UBC Worldwide Undergraduate and Global Masters in the countries in which it is offered. The format of the UBC Worldwide varies between Undergraduate and Global Masters dependent upon employer partner / university support.

The UBC Worldwide UK (Undergraduate) has a three-round format – Round 1 on-line, Round 2 live Semi-Finals and the live Round 3 Grand Final – and the UBC Global Masters has a two-round format. Both may be subject to change from year-to-year dependent upon the level and number of employer partner sponsorships. While UBC Worldwide Learning Dynamics will use its best endeavours to gain employer partners’ support, the level of support may be subject to change during the course of the year. Therefore UBC Worldwide Learning Dynamics cannot guarantee the number of Round 2 Semi-Finals in any one year, or that the semi-finals will be a live event. Dependent upon the level of Round 2 Semi-Final sponsor / university support, UBC Worldwide Learning Dynamics reserves the right to run Round 2 semi-finals and the Round 3 Grand Final online / remotely. The lead sponsor of the Grand Final may also be subject to variation during the course of the year, dependent upon sponsor support.

In exceptional circumstances, UBC Worldwide and Learning Dynamics reserve the right to cancel a live event at short notice and run it online / remotely. Participating universities enter teams in this full knowledge.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

Invoices will be sent electronically to the Invoice Email Address provided on the registration form. Invoices are due for payment within 30 days of invoice date. Where a late entry has been accepted by the UBC management team, payment will be due before the end of Round 1 (as per the published timetable). Where payment has not been received by the end of Round 1 (as per the published timetable), UBC Learning Dynamics reserve the right to withhold final Round 1 results for those teams until payment has been received.

Certificates of Participation

The UBC will issue certificates of participation to all team members who complete Round 1, 2 and 3 (Undergraduate) and Round 1 and 2 (Global masters). Teams who do not submit decisions in Round 1 for 2 or more decision periods will not be issued with a certificate and will be deemed to have withdrawn from the event.

Travel Insurance Advice

In the event that teams progress from Round 1 and are invited to attend a live Round 2 Semi-Final or a live Grand Final, UBC Worldwide Learning Dynamics cannot be held responsible for travel costs in the event of any cancellation and rescheduling as an online / remote event. Participating universities are advised to take out their own travel insurance when progressing through to a Round 2 Semi-Final or Grand Final, in the event that they need to make a claim against travel costs for any reason.


Where a university has entered teams and the UBC has acknowledged the registration and has issued game codes for the university teams as entered, refunds cannot be made in the event that a team or teams do not participate in Round 1.