The UBC student experience

‘Awesome experience, put theory into practice, learned decision-making skills in a team’ …..’    My UBC experience really helped with my placement interview.’  Take a look at the videos to learn more about the UBC experience.

We asked teams to talk about their UBC Experience

‘Taking part in the UBC really helped us grow and build many important skills. We never expected that we could be the overall winners but, gradually, we learnt how to analyse each period’s information and results to make our team a success. We really recommend more and more students to take part in UBC in the future, since it is really a very meaningful business competition’.

Bubu Wang – Team Leader, University of Liverpool Management School

‘Immensely proud!’

Manjit Atwal
Business Studies student at UEA

‘I am currently feeling like an immensely proud team leader, as my team recently finished second in the UBC Undergraduate Semi-Finals. We will travel to Liverpool on March 28th to compete in the finals.

None of this would have been possible without the help of my team, which includes Dragostin Vladimirov, Alexander Linley-Hill, Jessica Bird and Benjamin Edward. Additionally James Peter Rhodes BSc (Hons), James Gardiner and Norwich Business School provided guidance and mentoring. In particular James Peter Rhodes BSc (Hons)’s experience and expertise proved to be extremely impactful. We are lucky to have had his guidance.

Everyone has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to get this far, and we’re very optimistic about the finals. Furthermore, I am ecstatic to have been given such opportunity and incredibly grateful’.